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On August 4, 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt made the stunning observation that the amount of information which was produced from the dawn of civilization up until 2003 is equivalent  to what we now create collectively every two days.  Most of this is due to user-generated content.  (His quote, of course, was promptly re-tweeted widely.)  Add this blog, then, to the exploding universe of content-creation.

I’m planing to use this space to muse about the projects and challenges related to my work at Blue Ridge Foundation New York.  Sometimes I’ll try to develop a cogent argument; mostly I’ll just try to capture my thoughts about various topics in one place with the hope that the discipline of writing — even quick notes — will sharpen my ideas and cause fewer of them to disappear without any concrete action.

Some of the areas I’m engaged in through Blue Ridge as of mid-2010 are:

  • incubating start-up nonprofits;
  • launching local offices of national high-performing nonprofits that expand to NYC;
  • helping improve the sharing of financial and performance data by human service agencies in NYC;
  • teaching about the nonprofit capital market at NYU Stern School of Business;
  • collaborating with New Profit, Robin Hood, SeaChange Capital and OSI as a grantee of the Social Innovation Fund;
  • integrating multiple social innovations in a place-based strategy; and,
  • serving on various nonprofit boards.

More to come!

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